Thursday, February 21, 2008

How an AJAX guy would pack

At the request of (soon to be former) boss, Brian H. Prince, I've been tasked with explaining how an AJAX guy would pack. Even though this AJAX guy isn't involved in the moving because he's been off site for almost a year, I'll play along...

The first problem an AJAX guy is faced with when preparing to pack are the vast array of box options available to him. All the boxes appear to be roughly the same size, they are just slightly different colors of brown. There is one box that appears to be bigger, so it will hold more for the big move, but upon opening the box you see that a lot of space inside is taken up by an inner, un-openable box with "Update Panel" stamped on it. So, in the end, all the boxes hold roughly the same amount of stuff.

So, after picking a box, AJAX Packing Guy (or Gal) - henceforth referred to as APG - gets down to improving the packing user experience. APG opens up three boxes, puts one item in each box, then goes about cleaning their desk. At some point during the desk cleaning they notice that all three boxes are now full. They seal those up, and open three more boxes, then back to cleaning the desk. Oh, look at that...those three are now full, too!

Once all the items are packed away, APG uses their powers to make each box shrink and fade at the same time...only to reverse the process at the new site and have the packed boxes reappear by fading back in and growing back to normal size.

What happened to the APG who picked the larger box, you wonder? Well, the "Update Panel" carton inside looked to be very helpful at first, but once APG opened more than once box and set them to working, the update panels started running into each other, and reopening packed boxes, and taking apart boxes that had been put together. Eventually they got everything packed, and APG had to do very little in the way of opening boxes, but it took a while.

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