Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goals for 2009

I got tagged by Jeffery back in January for this, and since there's nothing I should do today that I can't put off until tomorrow...

Professional Goals

  1. Speak 12 to 15 times: I spoke 12 times last year, covered three different states, and had a heck of a time. Why no big increase here? Because realistically speaking (pardon the pun), that was plenty with everything else that goes on with job and family.
  2. Present "Care About Your Craft" at least 5 times: I gave this one a couple times last year, and would like to give it more. It's a great talk that covers a lot of things developers can do outside of their syntax of choice to be better developers.
  3. Upgrade the MVC talk and samples: When I wrote my goals out at the beginning of the year, I put this one on here because I'm a little behind on my MVC. But this week, I started in on a project that was going to leverage it, and found out just how far behind I am. So, I'm already underway on achieving this goal.
  4. Create a new presentation: This one will be taken care of thanks to being invited to speak on Kanban at COALMG in March. (I've procrastinated this post long enough that one goal is reached! w00t!)
  5. Write a sample app in Ruby: I need to work on my Ruby some more.
  6. Contribute to an open source project: I need to do this, as well. Need to find the right one to contribute to, though. Maybe combine this with goal #5.
  7. Get the blog better organized: Had this one on the list for a while, but I keep putting it off. Should I install Grafitti? Should I just run with Blogger? I need a new design no matter what engine I use. Thankfully, I've got a few friends who are willing to help out on all points, should be fun.
  8. Write 35 blog posts: 3 posts a month should be doable. Though it's already February and I'm behind my pace.
  9. Read 12 books: A book a above, I'm aleady behind. On my list, though, are to re-read the Pragmatic Programmer, finish Implementing Lean Software, and to get through Uncle Bob Martin's Clean Code.

Personal Goals

  1. Fix my office to be more usable: Wendy and I don't have the best layout to our home office, and we both need a little space of our own in there.
  2. Get better lighting in our basement: We have two choices for lights during movie watching - harsh flourescent lighting, or none at all.
  3. Budget our vacations better: We've got two trips planned already, and we tend to say, "Screw it! We're on vacation!" when we go to buy something while we're out seeing the world. (Usually Disney World.)
  4. Clean up our finances: I'm waiting for a year when this ISN'T on my list of goals.
  5. Lose weight: Like #4, I could use a year without this one on the list. Thankfully I'm starting '09 lighter than I was in '08, but could still drop a few more pounds.
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