Friday, March 6, 2009

COALMG Kanban Talk Follow-up

I would like to thank everybody that attended my Kanban talk at COALMG on March 5th. There were some great questions, a good discussion, and judging by the tweets on Twitter afterward, it got some wheels turning. I'm glad the talk got some of you thinking about things you can look into.

As promised to Jeff, here are my slides: A Little Lean With Kanban.

The disclaimer on the slides: They meant to support the presentation (I have totally bought into the Presentation Zen approach to presenting), so on their own they don't say much. However, my notes to each slide are there, and that should provide some value. Also, even though I used pptPlex for the presentation, if you don't have that they'll still work fine in Power Point.

Also, I love feedback. That was the first time I gave that presentation in that form, and welcome any suggestions you may have. I already got a few from Comrade, James, and Amanda over post-talk beers that will be folded in to the next iteration.

And all you guys named Jeff that bailed on the post-talk beers...for shame!

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