Thursday, January 7, 2010


When you start a new job, that first day is one of the most exciting you have while you’re there. You’re busy getting settled in, meeting new people, learning new ways of doing things, and eventually fitting in and finding your place. For me, that day was June 21st, 2004 and the new company was Quick Solutions Inc.

However, on that first day, you don’t start thinking about when the last day will be. But with most careers that last day on a job is out there somewhere. Eventually your career leads you on to something new, something more challenging, maybe something you never expected back on that first day. That’s exactly what has happened with me, and that last day at QSI that I never really expected will be January 8th, 2010.

To say I appreciate the opportunities granted me while I was at Quick would be a rather large understatement. I’m still in awe of some of the people I worked with over the years at QSI. Most everybody assembled in our app dev group was extremely talented and extremely passionate about technology, continuous improvement, and sharing what they knew. It was exciting to go to work most days because of who was going to be sitting at the desk next to you.

So what is next? I’m off to Reflex Design & Technology to help them build a development team. Actually, on day 1 I’ll BE the dev team - Lord help them. I’m more than a little excited to be stepping into this role with them. (Yes, if you’re doing the date math in your head, I’ll be at Reflex for two days then I head for Codemash.)

Again, many thanks to the folks I worked with at QSI. There’s no way I’d be ready to step into the role I’m taking without all that I’ve learned from all of you over the last five plus years.

I’m sure at this point many of you are asking, “Why did he leave?” That’s not easy to answer. It’s a very long and complex process I went through to arrive at this decision. But, I managed to sum it up in just two words…

Lotus Notes

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