Monday, March 29, 2010

On the Move to Pillar

It wasn’t that long ago I was announcing my move to Reflex, but I am indeed taking the career on the road again, this time to join the team at Pillar Technology. Officially, I’ll be on board at Pillar on April 1st…no foolin’.

I have to give a big thanks to Andrew at Reflex for putting enough trust in me to make a difference there. In the short time there, we instituted a number of changes that will help them going forward. In two short months, we dove into cloud computing with Amazon, github, basecamp, Kaban, threw VSS out the window, and strived for more communication and visibility in all our projects. We bit off a lot in a short time and got some good positive momentum out of all of it.

However, as with any job or company, changes happen that effect everybody there. In this case, the changes came much quicker than I expected, and the opportunity to join Pillar came up and was too good to turn down.

Change is never too easy, but I’m excited to be joining Pillar. I’m going to get to work with some familiar faces, and some new ones. I’m going to get to push further into agile and lean, and learn from some leaders in the industry. All in all, I think this is an excellent opportunity for me and my career.

And, thankfully, Lotus Notes wasn’t involved in the decision making process what so ever.

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