Thursday, July 22, 2010

IronRuby at CONDG

Off the top, apologies for the rather dark color scheme. The slides I think I can change the contrast on a little and they’ll be fine, but I know better than to use a dark color scheme for my ide and/or text editor. I guess the editing of the config file in Rails was just all black, sorry about that. (On the config side, you didn’t miss much, though.)


I just uploaded a PDF of the slides and you can look at them in whatever color scheme really makes them pop! You can get it all here:

Not a total cop out, please take a look at the code sample if you want to see the complete test classes from the examples - both the nUnit and RSpec ones. The rails app uploaded is the same one I created in the presentation, complete with the poorly named controller.

Again, sorry for the dark background in places, but thanks for coming out to watch.

(And big thanks to Kruger for making me remember how much I miss AutoHotKey after moving to the Mac. Windows devs, download AutoHotKey as soon as you read this.)

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