Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LSSC Video of My Kanban Experience Report

Back in April I was selected to give a Kanban experience report at Lean Software Systems Consortium in Atlanta, and as luck would have it InfoQ had set up a camera in the room I was presenting in. Yesterday, they posted it online:

This was the first time I was recorded giving a presentation, so it's the first time I've seen myself give a presentation. And I must say, I am one of the presenters I've ever seen! OK, maybe not, but it wasn't as embarrassing to watch myself as I thought it would be. Seeing myself at least let me see some things I can improve on. (Dear Lord, Tim...STAND STILL for a second.)

And while I'm throwing some video out, Dave Giard recorded a video interview with me back at Codemash this past January. I finally got around to watching that one, too. For Dave's beer being off screen on one side and my bourbon off screen on the other side, it went pretty well.

Dave's Technology and Friends, Episode 71:

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