Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going Independent

I have made a few career moves over the last 24 months, but I have finally gotten to the point where I can go off on my own. I guess more correctly, I finally got the courage to pull the trigger on going independent. So October 28th will be my last day as a full time employee with Pillar.

I am looking at doing more agile coaching and training as I move forward, but banging out some code will never be far away. Making this move should free up some time to explore some other opportunities that have presented themselves, and opportunities that have as yet come knocking.

It's not going to be a big shock to the system as my first job as an independent will be helping my current team transition on a couple of new team members. So, day one as an independent developer, off on my own in a scary new world will be in the exact same chair in the exact same room that I occupied the Friday before as a full time employee.


I would love to go off and list all the folks I have to thank for getting this far, but I would end up leaving somebody out, and they would get all upset, and it would just get ugly at some conference somewhere. I would like to thank my family, Wendy, Brendan, and Alex for their constant support.

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